With so many major events to offer, Western Australia puts on a marvellous display of talent and sporting prowess for all the world to see. From spectacular concerts and arts festivals, to international sporting challenges there is plenty for visitors to see and experience while travelling around Western Australia.

If you are new-comer to the great state of Western Australia or even just a local, looking to find out more about what’s going on in W.A. we recommend you look to the Tourism WA group.



Ever wondered what happened to the Real Australia?

Where the trees weren't part of a 'landscaping design’……

Where the only things colouring the water were the fish…

Where it was harder to find a noisy spot than a quiet one. …



It can still be found in Western Australia with its unspoiled beaches, amazing scenery, big blue skies and friendly faces.


Tourism W.A. can show you some great places for relaxation, exploration, entertainment or any other tourist-interest locations & events.

For a better insight into upcoming events and attractions in W.A., why not take a look at the Tourism W.A. Events Calender. From here you can take a look any major cultural and social events that may interest you, making it a lot easier to plan what to do or see while you visit the great state of W.A.

So just visit the Events Calender to see what W.A. has to offer you this year!

Ask our friendly reception staff about the Tourism W.A. group or their Events Calender or simply click the above links for further information.