Only a 6 minute walk from the Joondalup CIty Hotel, Jasons Food and Wine is a very stylish eatery and bar offering equally stylish modern Australian food and a 'must-do' in our books.

The menu may seem vague at first glance, with dishes like 'The Pork', 'The Chicken' and 'The Lamb', but the reward you'll get for ordering such a dish is anything but generic.

The Lamb is an Amelia Park lamb loin infused with rosemary and garlic, served with a shiraz/cabernet and mint glaze and green pea puree, and 'The Fish' is one of WA's finest catches (it changes according to what's fresh on the day), with Loire Valley French hot butter sauce and a julienne of vegetables.Jasons Food and Wine provides one with a sophisticated and cool atmosphere and when paired with such dishes, makes for an intimate or descrete dining option for corporate clients and couples.

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