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Joondalup City Hotel - Facilities
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    The Joondalup City Hotel is conveniently located approximately 6 minutes walk away for the bustling and energetic heart of the Joondalup CBD and shopping district. During the day, one has the opportunity to indulge in an extensive and varied selection of local leisure facilities such as Joondalup's many gyms, spas, cinema, parks and salons.

    All here to be taken advantage of.. at your own leisure

    The bustling heart of Joondalup then turns it's lights down and changes the mood as day becomes night and you start to see Joondalup sprawling with a great range of restaurants, bars, taverns, cafes and clubs. The restaurants are not only numerous but can also cater to a variety of different culinary preferences such as Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, African, Portuguese and much more. 

    So we at the Joondalup City Hotel invite you, residents and visitors, to be minutes away from the great tastes, moments of relaxation and general cosmopolitan feel that is the City of Joondalup.


    There is a list of our preferred local leisure and dining establishments
    Please feel free to ask a member our staff for further information.